Marshall 7″ V-LCD70P-HDMI Monitor (5D/7D Compatible)

DSLR camera design, as evidenced by the Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 7D, favors the inclusion of HDMI ports for video playback.  Marshall’s 7” V-LCD70P-HDMI monitor takes full advantage of this design.

At only 1.3 pounds, this monitor greatly improves the functionality of a DSLR rig.  Easily attachable to an articulated arm, the Marshall V-LCD70P can be seamlessly integrated into a DSLR setup.  Packed with features (peaking filter, RGB gain and bias control, adjustable backlight, false color filter, 4-pin XLR power jack) the LCD70P offers a compact and versatile improvement on DSLR workflow.

Rent the Marshall 7″ V-LCD70P-HDMI monitor from Moving Picture for your next DSLR production!