12 Hints to Finding the Perfect Film Equipment Rental House

Getting your project greenlit is not the end of a stressful process, it’s merely the beginning of what could be a much more stressful one. Finding a film equipment rental house that understands the unique needs and demands of your production can be a daunting task, even for producers and filmmakers with several credits on their résumé. The rental house you choose to furnish your film equipment rental package is as important as the contents of that package. So here are 12 tips to help you make the right choice:
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Film Gear Rentals Under 10K for Shooting a Commercial in Florida

In our experience, productions are often the living embodiment of Murphy’s Law.  Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Budgets fall short. Schedules go awry, and creative differences abound. And with more than enough to worry about during any kind of shoot, we’ve found that the best producers find ways to minimalize risks. Especially on the ones with budgetary constraints. One of them is to ensure their film gear rentals are as reliable as their crew. So if you’re planning to shoot a commercial in South Florida and are on a tight bud …

Grip Alert – Learn Knots by an Expert

Back to basics.  A big mystery for many.  Knots!!!!  Dave’s Grip and Lighting points to a great how-to-video from Key Grip, Greg Hewett. Learn how to Tie a bow line, a half hitch, a figure eight tie down. Learn the knot to tie down 12×12 overhead butterflies and large Matthews and American Stands to hard points!  Great must know knowledge to make a film set safer.  Take the mystery out of this most useful skill and develop your film craft!


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Grip Truck Rentals in South Florida

Society recognizes movies through their actors, but anyone in the production industry knows that there are key players behind the scenes that influence the movie. One of these key players in production is the Grip/Electric team.

Grips and electricians are lighting and rigging technicians that focus on camera support and creating the perfect lighting as well as support jib, dolly, and slider needs from the camera department. Grips work with the camera crew to ensure that the camera is mounted correctly to the camera dollies, camera cranes, or a …

Discovery Channel’s “Investigation Hour”

Moving Picture provides Camera, Lenses, Grip, Lighting, VTR, and Sound for
MS Entertainment’s production of Discovery Channel Latino “Investigation Hour”
Moving Picture was contracted to provide a complete shooting package for an MS Entertainment promotional video of the Discovery Channel Latino show “Investigation Hour”. The show features real life crime dramatizations and their subsequent investigations.

For this light and fast shoot, a 1-ton grip package with Kino Flo and ARRI Tungsten lighting page was provided. Camera Department receive …