ARRI’s newest digital camera, the ALEXA, is set to roll out this summer on a limited run.  Featured prominently at this year’s NAB Convention in Las Vegas, the ARRI ALEXA is already being touted as the next evolution in digital cinema.

Utilizing their experience as industry leaders in film camera production, ARRI’s latest effort aims at maintaining this reputation on the digital front.  With an ARRI-made Super 35 format sensor, the ALEXA can shoot 1080P direct to the camera.

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The Highest Definition Hi-Def.

At Moving Picture, here in Miami / Fort Lauderdale area; the workflows of television & film production has been very different. Our video productions are aimed at achieving the best possible picture immediately in the camera, while the film approach separates distinct stages. First capturing an image with a wide dynamic range and then manipulating the picture in either a filmlab, telecine or in post-production.

Based on our High-End Camera rentals, the Sony HDCAM SR Decks, ARRI D-21, Viper FilmStream, Panavision Genesis and the Sony F23 ar …